Get your drivers licence, the practical exam

Finally! You can take your driving test. Theory done, lessons finished. This was all worth it, right?

How does it work getting your drivers license B?

You need to be there 15 minutes before the start of the exam. This way you have enough time. Being a little nervous is very normal. First you have a chat with the examiner. He or she will tell you what the driving test will be like and checks if you passed your theory exam. He also asks for the 'Self-reflection' form and the advice given on the interim test.

Before walking to the car you’ll be asked to read a licence plate of a parked car from about a distance of 25 metres (sight test). After this you answer some general questions and you point out where you refill the liquids and what purpose the lights on the dashboard have.

The practical exam

After that it’s time to get in the car. The examiner always tells you clearly what to do. You will also be driving around 10 to 15 minutes with navigation during the practical exam. The examiner monitors if you drive safely and independently, and if you take other road users into account.

He pays attention to among others:

  • Car control
  • Special manoeuvres
  • Overtaking
  • Merging in and out
  • Visual behaviour
  • Giving priority
  • Driving junctions and roundabouts

lesdirect finishvlag praktijkexamenDuring the exam you’ll get the opportunity to show you can drive safely and independently. You are allowed to make a mistake, but it’s important that you drive controlled and behave correctly in traffic.

Danger recogniotion is an essential part of the practical exam. It means more than just seeing danger. It means judging the danger to yourself and the other traffic, and particularly what you must do avert the danger. It is important to alway be aware of the behaviour of other road users.

After the practical exam you return to the CBR exam centre and you’ll hear if you have passed the test right away.

Click to see the video of the practical exam at CBR exam centre.
Click to see the video of the fear of failure exam at CBR exam centre.