How expensive is the NL driving license compared to other countries?

Did you know that you can get the cheapest driver's license in India, and the most expensive in Norway. The Dutch driving license is not among the cheapest driving licenses, but is accepted in most countries worldwide by our thorough driving courses.

We prove this every day at LesDirect Driving school! We list the costs per country below.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, obtaining a driving license costs on average 2,450 euros (prices in 2017), according to research by the CBR among exam candidates 2017.

In addition, they achieved an average of 38.2 lessons, which together cost around 1,750 euros.

Furthermore, the CBR charged about 700 euros (2017 prices) on other costs that have to be paid for examinations, theory training and the like. This is reasonably in line with the average that we realize at Driving School LesDirect as we still perform better than this average through our structured lessons according to the R.I.S. method.  

Worldwide there are major differences in the costs of obtaining a driving license. In some countries a driving license costs almost nothing, while in other countries you have to pay a power.

There are no ready-to-use standards for obtaining a driving license. Both the level of difficulty and the costs can vary considerably from country to country. In the countries with a good education, about a working week of teaching hours and training is required. You can also look at it like this: where can you get a complete professional training for a well-recognized and potentially dangerous profession in only 40 hours - one working week? Well, actually nowhere! Moreover, theoretical theories in the Netherlands are given by professionals: see also Theory College Netherlands

Business Insider collected the costs of a driver's license from 20 countries and we calculated those at current exchange rates with prices from 2017 to euros.

See below the costs for a driving license in twenty countries. And keep in mind that you pay on average 2,450 euros (2017 prices) in the Netherlands.

United States

In the United States the costs vary from 30 to 1100 euros.

Unites states roads

The costs for obtaining a driving license vary considerably per state. However, all Americans must go through a similar procedure.

Teenagers can apply for a 'learner’s permit' from the age of fifteen if they pass the test well. This allows them to drive a limited number of hours with a limited number of passengers. If they are sixteen they can go for a real driving license.


In Canada, you pay about 117 euros for a driving license.

Just like in the US, Canadians have to do a number of tests before they can get a driving license. For example, they have to test their eyesight, do a knowledge test and take two road exams. This process can take up to 24 months. Canadians can go for a driving license from the age of sixteen.


A Russian driving license costs about 34 euros.

Russia roads

The Russian Tsar empire was one of the first countries to introduce a driving license. The first driving licenses were issued in 1900. In order to obtain a driving license, Russians must follow 130 hours of training and take 56 hours of driving lessons.

United Kingdom

The minimum costs for obtaining a driving license in the United Kingdom amounted to 1,640 euros.

In the UK you can apply for your driving license from the age of seventeen.


A driver's license costs in India usually only costs 2.77 euros.

India roads

Only after the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 were drivers of cars in India required to have a driving license for driving in the public space. The driver must be at least 16 years old for a student driving license and 18 years for a permanent driving license.


Driving licenses in Spain cost between 750 and 2,100 euros.

In Spain, teenagers must be at least 18 years old before being allowed to drive a car independently.


In France you pay about 1,450 euros for a driving license.

France roads

In France there are only a limited number of driving exams per year. These exams are filled by driving schools, which select strictly on admission. Getting a driving license in France is difficult and can take up to two years.


The costs for a driving license in Germany are between 2,200 and 3,400 euros.

Germany is one of the most difficult countries in the world to go for a driving license. One of the requirements is, for example, an eight-hour first aid course. For all 30 multiple choice questions on the theory exam, in contrast to the Netherlands, several answers may be correct. There are technical questions about car mechanics and questions about traffic rules.


Driving licenses in China cost around 95 euros. To get a driver's license in China you must be at least 18 years old. The costs vary enormously per federal state.

China roads


In Australia a driving license costs about 140 euros. Beginning car drivers in Australia have to go through three phases to get a permanent driving license, but this can vary between states (like the costs). In New South Wales, the learning process is spread out over four years to promote safe driving.


In Mexico you pay about 45 euros for a driving license.

Tot maart 2018 was Mexico-Stad een van de weinige steden waar je rijgeschiktheid niet perse getest hoefde te worden. Applicants have to take a mandatory driving test now before they can get a driving license.


In Ireland you will certainly lose 700 euros in a driving license.

Ireland roads

In Ireland you can get your driving license from the age of seventeen.


In Brazil, the costs for a driving license vary from 220 to 370 euros.

In Brazil you have to be 18 years or older to get a driving license. First you have to take a dictation exam to prove that you can read. After that drivers take the usual theory and practical tests.


A driver's license in Argentina costs about 117 euros.

Almost everyone drives in Argentina, because it is such a large land and many places can only be reached by car. But the procedure to get a driving license is fairly simple.


In Denmark, a driving license costs no less than 2,350 euros.

The procedure to obtain a driver's license in Denmark is fairly standard. The costs include theory lessons, a theory exam, driving lessons and a driving test.


In Sweden the costs for a driving license vary from 400 to 1,650 euros.

Sweden roads

The price for a Swedish driving license depends on the number of lessons that a prospective driver needs and the price of the driving school. The costs are higher in cities than in the countryside. But that is obvious.


In Norway you have to deposit about 3,400 euros for a driving license.

The costs for a Norwegian driving license are particularly high. Not because of the driving license itself, but because of the intensive compulsory training. That is why Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world to get a driver's license.

Saudi Arabia

A driver's license in Saudi Arabia costs around 57 euros. Until 24 June 2018 women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Now women have to pay more for a driving license than men. Women pay about 4 to 8 times more than men.


In Italy, a driving license costs only € 138. This is almost the cheapest in Europe. Unfortunately, the Italians are not known for their good driving style.

Italy roads

Italy has beautiful roads that make driving a car worthwhile. You can get your driving license from the age of 18.


In Thailand, a driver's license does not cost much, about 25 euros. Prospective drivers must be at least 18 years old in Thailand. A Thai driving license is valid in the ten countries of ASEAN, a joint venture of Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

You see that the costs of a driving license are very different from each other in the world. However, a good driving course pays for itself in safer driving and fewer damage during your driving career. After all, nobody, even your fellow road users, is waiting for accidents.

Bron: CBR