The interim test prior the driving exam, for everyone who is going to take the driving exam

tussen tijdse toets autorijschool lesdirectDo you want to experience what it’s like to take a real driving test? Take an interim test. The interim test is for everyone who passed their theoretical exam and still has to take the practical exam. The interim test takes, just like the official practical exam, 55 minutes and is a great way to get used to the real exam. If you are nervous during the driving lessons the interim test is a good way to release anxiety.

What is the procedure of the interim driving test?

The CBR examiner will assess your driving ability and advices on every examination part according to the official examination requirements. Your driving instructor drives with you. This way it is clear what you need to work on during your driving lessons.

Exemption from special manoeuvres

If you execute the special manoeuvres correctly during the interim test, you’ll be rewarded with exemption from this part during the practical exam. You’ve gained this already!

Watch the CBR video about the Interim Test