Driving lessons through comprehensible teaching method

Driving lessons through comprehensible teaching method. At LesDirect you’ll pass the first time. The only condition is that you follow my personal lesson advice ánd and have mastered your homework scripts well.

Start driving lessons

At Driving school LesDirect you start with a first introduction lesson or you immedialtely start with a Starterpack.

How do I take lessons at LesDirect?

autorijlessen autorijschool lesdirectAfter 12 to 15 lessons you’ll get a personal lesson advice. We’ll determine your driving level, your comprehension speed, and your personality. Because each student is different. This way you’ll know in advance how many lessons you need and you won’t get yourself in financial surprises. Is this the first time you’ll start driving lessons, than you’ll need 40 lessons on average to pass the practical exam. When you already have some driving experience you’ll do with less lessons.

We ensure you’ll pass the first time

If you start taking lessons according to my lesson advice and have mastered your homework scripts, you’ll pass your driving test right after the first practical exam. But what if I fail?..... you can retake the exam for free. Clear right?  
That’s why you should sign up fort he Starterpack right now.

Crash course

Do you urgently need your driving licence? Even that’s possible. We’ll discus show many driving lessons you need. Sign up for a crash course fast because of congestion and waiting periods at CBR, especially in summer time. 

Teaching times

We’ll sort he teaching times together so they’ll fit into your personal situation, work-or study schedule. It is of importance that you drive during daytime. This way you have enough practical training and teaching moments because there is more traffic during the day. By practising a lot you’ll be prepared for the ‘real deal’ in a short period of time. You’ll be very confident on the road towards your practical exam.

Drive in a relaxed manner; the (R.I.S driving education is steps)

Driving lessons at LesDirect are mainly fun. You’ll be educated by a female driving instructor with over 15 years of experience. The teaching method is transparant and organized that makes you feel relaxed behind the wheel. You’ll get enough time to learn and ask questions. This way you’ll have a nice and relaxed time and carry your driving licence in your pocket very soon!

Sign up now for driving lessons at LesDirect

You can start whenever you like, but don’t wait too long because the nationwide CBR waiting lists are long at the moment. Do you want your driving licence rapidly, you need to sign up at least 2 months prior the start of your driving education.

Individual lessons

Have you had driving lessons before and did you fail the exam at a different driving school, you can take individual lessons.

Fear or driving/failure?

Do you suffer from anxiety or fear of failure? At LesDirect you’ve come to the right place. Anyone can take lessons at LesDirect. I’m specifically trained to teach students with a fear of failure. Also people who have autism, ADHD or other concentration disorders will soon feel at ease with me. Through the structured and transparent lessons anyone can get his driving licence.

Advanced training

Do you want to take a professional skid course? When you sign up for the Starterpack you’ll get a discount on the skid course. Or rather take a “Car in Water” course? Inform about the possibilities! I’ve been enthousiastically teaching for 15 years in Helmond, Eindhoven, Deurne, Horst aan de Maas and surroundings.